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Our work revolves around creating exceptional customer experiences through various means.

In every business, we have the vision to explore creative potential for crafting memorable impressions. We are confident that focusing on one or two pivotal points in customer experience can provide a significant competitive advantage. One of our objectives is to find innovative ways to do things differently!










This is

We are the international agency specializing in creative solutions for family hospitality business. Our team includes designers, photographers, illustrators, social media specialists, directors, event managers, producers, animators, and other creative specialists.

Work with both large coastal hotel complexes and cozy boutique hotels located in picturesque corners of the world. Our goal is to create a unique experience for your guests.

Through the creation of a common legend, brand development, souvenir production, content generation for social media,  thematic festivals, and much more, we strive to achieve this goal. 

We create moments that leave a lasting impression for a lifetime!

Family events  Marketing companies 

Decorations    Branding merchandise  

Workshops staff training

ART projects    Mentorship  

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About founder

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Hello, I'm Luba Ancheva

My name is Liubov Ancheva, and I'm delighted  you've visited my company's website.

With over 11 years of experience in event organization and decor creation, I'm a maker-producer whose job is to generate ideas and bring them to life in the best possible way.


What is MANCHUGE?  Is a word from my childhood that described my passion for anything, whether it was a walk, creativity, or a movie. Today, in my projects, I strive to evoke this sense of passion in the audience and clients.


A crucial part of my work involves adhering to the values of sustainable development, environmental care, and responsible material use. That's why I often use cardboard and paper. I pay special attention to awakening creativity in people, developing emotional intelligence, and mental health.


My superpower is falling in love with every new client's business and directing all my creative resources toward crafting unique, personalized solutions.


My clients are willing to invest in quality and creativity to exceed their expectations. I consider my work an art and believe there's no one better.


Let's get acquainted, I already have ideas for your business! 

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