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"OPEN LAB" is a unique creative laboratory format that we can set up at any location for various group sizes. Within the "OPEN LAB" space, participants gain access to all the necessary materials and tools, along with the guidance of art curators whose task is to support any idea and help bring it to life. Take a look at these photos! They are stunning, and the people in them are truly happy!

Krista Petäjäjärvi, Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC)

«This project combines elements of great topical importance: artistic creativity + social wellbeing + sustainability. My visit to “OPEN LAB” workshop had me thinking, that it is exactly these kinds of creative acts we need to come together in an open and meaningful way.»


Steve Stepanoff, psychologist

«Free and unrestricted creative expression is what “OPEN LAB” are all about. Art therapy helps to reconnect with one’s body and environment. It raises self- confidence and helps to get rid of psychological blocks and re- process negative feelings into inspiration.»

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